"Cats of the Island," the starry cat said, "you have fought for too long. You must unite as four Clans. Faraway, we have chosen four cats, Thunder, River, Wind and Shadow, to lead four other Clans. Now, the leaders have been chosen. Moon, Flame, Ocean and Forest. You will be the leaders of MoonClan, FlameClan, OceanClan, and ForestClan."

"How much farther?" Newpaw complained. Flowerstep, Newpaw's mother, purred. "Not much longer, sweetie. I know you're excited about your first Gathering." A blue-gray she-cat flicked her tail to signal her Clan. This was Moonstar, MoonClan's leader. The group of cats ran into the clearing. Flowerstep caught up to another blue-gray she-cat, Blueheart. "Blueheart," Flowerstep meowed, "are you sure you should be at a Gathering this close to having kits?" Blueheart turned to face the tortoiseshell she-cat. "I've never missed a Gathering." Blueheart meowed. "I'm not about to." Flowerstep shrugged and walked down to a group of OceanClan queens. Blueheart walked over to a FlameClan tom with a firey dappled coat. "Firestorm," Blueheart mewed in a low voice. "I've got to tell you something." Firestorm looked at Blueheart. "Yes?" Blueheart gulped. "Well, it's just that... Firestorm, I'm having kits." Firestorm blinked at the she-cat in front of him. "Ah, well, that's wonderful, Blueheart. I thought for a moment something was wrong. So? Who's the father? That Stormcloud seems awful fond of you." Blueheart took a deep breath. "No, Firestorm. You're the father." For a moment, Firestorm just stared at Blueheart. He finally found his voice. "Well, Blueheart... tha-aa-t's wonderful." Suddenly, a loud yowling came from atop a huge rock. Four cats had lined up, one of them being Moonstar. "It's time to start the meeting," Firestorm mewed. "I'll see you later." Firestorm dipped his head and walked over to a group of FlameClan cats.

"Are you sure that they're alright, Dapplefur?" Blueheart mewed. She had just had her two kits. Dapplefur nodded. She was looking at one of the kits. This kit, unfortunately, looked just like his father. "Blueheart," the medicine cat mewed in a low tone. " This kit looks nothing like any on the toms in MoonClan. Who he does look like is that Firestorm, in FlameClan." Blueheart simply stared at Dapplefur. "It's okay, Blueheart. A queen can chose not to tell the kit's father's name." Blueheart nodded. "What will the names be?" Dapplefur asked. Blueheart looked at her two kits, and then spoke. "Moonkit and Sunkit."

Firestorm had agreed to meet Blueheart at the Gatheringplace to talk about the kits. "Blueheart," Firestorm meowed. "I don't think either Clan should get both kits." Blueheart nodded. "Well, since Moonkit looks like me, she will stay in MoonClan. Sunkit will go to you in FlameClan since he looks like you." Blueheart bended over to pick up Sunkit and handed him to his father. "Good bye, Sunkit," Blueheart whispered. "I know you'll be a great warrior one day."

"My kit!" Blueheart yowled. She was carrying Moonkit on her back. "My kit!" she yowled again. "Sunkit is dead! He was stolen by a hawk!"